The Story of E.A.T. Audio documentary by Julie Martin & Jacob Kirkegaard
  Vienese artists / Vienna Actionists Interviews by Julie Martin & Billy Klüver
  Artists from the Japanese art collective HI-RED CENTER Interviews by Julie Martin & Billy Klüver
  Artists from the avant-garde movement CoBrA Interviews by Julie Martin & Billy Klüver
  American poets: Allen Ginsberg Interview by Julie Martin & Billy Klüver, 1993
Topos 210221 John Cage Variations VII - 1st 9 Evenings performance, 1966
Topos 210212 John Cage Variations VII performed by Topos & Julie Martin
Topos 210129 Christian Rønn / TR Kirstein Madrigal (for Gesualdo)
Topos 210125 Jacob Kirkegaard & Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard Descending
Topos 201202 Else Marie Pade, Berlin - Copenhagen, 2014 Interview by Jacob Kirkegaard
Topos 201118 American poets: Diane di Prima, San Fransisco, 1992 Interview by Billy Klüver - Klüver / Martin / E.A.T. Archive
Topos 200529 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard Quartet Pour Sigurd Raschér
Topos 200522 TR Kirstein and Lars Lundehave Hansen Sleep, Night
Topos 200515 Jacob Kirkegaard Phantom Bell
Topos 200508 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard The sudden sound of trumpets
Topos 200501 Rimma Kiselitsa, Chernobyl 2005 Interview by Sarah Kirkegaard
Topos 200424 Tobias R. Kirstein Parasitic capacitance
Topos 200417 Kirkegaard, Løkkegaard & Kirstein West Indian Imaginings
Topos 200410 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard A Major Third Consists of 9 Different Notes
Topos 200403 Jacob Kirkegaard MMXX
Topos 200327 CM von Hausswolff / TR Kirstein plays Cities of the Red Night
Topos 200320 Keiko Higuchi & Topos Hoichi the Earless